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Revelation 11:15 & Joel 2:12-14


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Revelation 11:15 & Joel 2:12-14

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Dear friends,

greetings in the wonderful Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

We are so happy to be released to send you this message today.  We trust you are all doing well in the Lord and that you are walking in your destiny.  Remember that even though we’ve been disconnected in our communication, you have always been in our hearts and on our lips in prayer.  We’d like to send you a little update on some of what we’ve been up to in our lives and trust you would keep us in your prayers too.

Sometimes the Lord causes our lives to come to a bit of a stand-still because He wants us to re-evaluate and re-fuel our souls.  He did that to us about two years ago and we can now feel the effects of that goodness.  We must just TRUST Him in all He does and continue to be led by the flow of His Spirit.  There’s so much going on in all of our lives that He sometimes puts on the brakes and brings us to that “selah” moment of introspection.  In this time there’s always a re-birth of something new and fresh.  It is like that for us right now.  And we think you will agree that He might have done that in your life also at some point.

In the beginning of this year, the Lord did something we never anticipated He would do.  He sent us back to our original mission field in Claremont.  This place is where we preached and had a soup kitchen and did most of the groundwork of our ministry about 20 years ago.  This time around, He called us back but to a specific area He designated.
We are back to basics, in the hustle and bustle of cleaning projects, feeding schemes and pasturing rebellious sheep that cannot be tamed.  And we cannot be happier!
Our days of flight after flight, sleeping on airports, high heels and crisp shirts behind clean pulpits are for now on the backburner of what the Lord wants for us.  We are needed in the dust of society.  And right here is where we see the disconnection between the lost and the found, the poor and the rich, the dividing walls are as clear as night and day.
One thing is the same throughout and that is that God seeks our hearts.  He is in deep desire for our souls and He will use every and any method to come down to our little plot of land on this earth to speak our language and captivate our hearts.
So, God sends Ria and Amanda back to Claremont and He says, “Build me a brick wall surrounding this specific area and build the people inside.”  He gives us a portion to govern over.  And is it easy because He said it?  Ha!!  NO WAY!!!  It is heartbreaking, difficult and tiring.  The wild sheep bite us hard and don’t easily trust those who come without invitation to give without reservation or agenda. 

The wall is 363 meters long (1190 feet) and every inch is hand dug with a pick and shovel.  We now have a team of 16 full-time workers working on this project by the grace of God.  He is the All-sufficient One and provides everything we need on a daily basis.  The people working here live here and used to have to beg on the street for food and provision, BUT GOD!!  He is restoring dignity and doing this “Not by Might nor by Power but by HIS Spirit!” 
This is an aerial picture of the area in Claremont we work in.  It consists of 44 Apartments plus other shanties built in between – 50 families and about 350 people. 
We want this entire Amatola Crescent to become self-sufficient and every person to work in the area through job-creation.  Every man, woman and child must find their purpose and be restored.
Please keep this map in your prayers.  As you can see, the street surrounding the area is called Amatola Crescent and Rose street to the North.  Amatola means jumping calves.  We pray that the joy of the Lord will fill this place.  And we pronounce Isaiah 60 over it.   “But you will call your walls Salvation and your gates Praise. (v. 18)

Here’s some pictures of the work in progress:
The dumping area was filthy!  Children were playing with the rubbish and it was just horrible.   We added a gate to the dumping area, secured it with sink so stray dogs won’t get in and painted it.
This is what this area looks like now after the wall is surrounding it.  You will see that we erected a white cross and as we built the wall, the cross became part of it.

The workers dig by hand and are doing a great job!


This is the very same area before and after we cleaned it.  You can clearly see how tall the grass grew here.  The picture on the right shows what it looks like now with the grass mowed down and the wall erected in the background.


The process works like this:  We take the people to a dumping area like the one pictured above where they pick up discarded bricks, they also break broken down walls and pack all the bricks in the trailor.  We then take it all back to Claremont where they sit and chop the old cement off the bricks to be used in the building of the wall.

As you can see, there are men and women hard at work to get the job done.  One person’s vision can impact the lives of so many people and give them a vision too!
Why a wall?  Well, the area is filled with drug dealers and crime is rampart.  More and more children are being abducted and used by witch doctors and their practices.  The area is not safe.  In the richer area’s we have communities that are gated for security.  We feel that this is partly the reason why we are doing this.  We are also blessed to have surveillance cameras mounted all around and it’s already working in our favor.  We have been under a lot of attack but have persevered and are more than halfway done with the wall.  All the glory to the Lord!

We want to encourage you to further your own ministry and enrich your own life by getting involved and helping those who are much less fortunate than you are.  When we focus on lifting others up, we no longer see where we find ourselves; our self-pity and sadness becomes a thing of the past and a valuable testimony in the light of other’s misery and pain.


In the past we have spoken to you about the new social media God gave us, THE OIL PRESS.  We are still very excited about it even though we’ve had some hiccups getting the system going.  Neither of us is very digitally inclined and it also didn’t help that our Engineer moved to the Cape Province so we couldn’t just call him out to come and explain things to us in person anymore!  But he is still doing all our maintenance from where he lives and things are going smoothly now.
So we would like to once again invite you to join us on THE OIL PRESS social media platform for the remnant and hope to see you there.

Find us at:

Please form part of this exciting way to contact with the remnant.  We place our current work and thoughts on there to build the body of Christ.  Feel free to open your own groups for yourself or your church and interact and exchange all that is on your heart.  It will greatly encourage us to hear from you.

We trust you enjoyed our little newsletter and that you feel blessed and encouraged.
We leave you with this scripture that is very dear to our hearts:

“…  I do not pray for the world but for those whom You have given Me, for they are Yours.   And all Mine are Yours, and Yours are Mine, and I am glorified in them.  Now I am no longer in the world, but these are in the world, and I come to You. Holy Father, keep through Your name those whom You have given Me, that they may be one as We are.”  John 17:6-11

Blessings in great abundance,

Ria & Amanda.





Address in South-Africa:
7 Struben Road, Homestead Park,
Johannesburg, South-Africa 2092

Telephone: 011 27 11 837 5632  

Address in USA

P O Box 65509, Lubbock, Texas, USA 79464
Telephone: 806 368 5300


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