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Track 1 / 4:10 Let Me In
"Let me in..." is the first song. Intimacy is the deepest level of any relationship, even a relationship with God.At times in our life, we struggle to feel close to God. And we fail to understand that God also desires to be close to us. Psalms 1:39 clearly depicts that there is a place in Heaven our souls have been before we were born. This is the place of creation, where we were formed and intimately connected to the Father, like an unborn child growing in the safety of a mother's womb. This is what this song is about. Let me in to the place i used to dwell in, let me in to the sanctuary that I knew so well, let me in to the door of Your heart, through the Throne room, the inner court, Lord, please let me in...

Track 2 / 3:23 Purify Me Jesus
There is a difference between beige and white, winter-white and egg-shell. And sometimes it can only be seen when placed next to pure white or shown in light. Purity can often only be determined when compared to something that is proven pure. When we compare our lives before we knew the Lord, even before we came to relationship with Him, to wheat we have now, we know we were blemished before. I present "Purify Me, Jesus".

Track 3 / 4:11 Weeping Willows
As willows bow over a river and entangle its roots with the river bank, so powerful intercessors are depicted as weeping willows in the following song. I dedicate this song to those who pray that we can move and fulfill the call of God upon our lives.

Track 4 / 3:34 Rush Into Your Heart
There is a safe place we can only find in the secure arms of our Father. Psalm 91 describes this place as being a secret place only known to those who abide under the Shadow of the Almighty. The only way to stay in a shadow is to move with the one who casts it. When others run away, Lord I rush to you.

Track 5 / 3:34 Kiss Me Lord
"Let Him kiss me with the kisses of His mouth-for your love is better than wine." Song of Solomon 1:2

Track 6 / 4:24 charibim Wings
In the early years of our travels to the USA and Lubbock, I became overwhelmed by the Lord's great provision for us and I write the following song. Cherubim Wings.

Track 7 / 3:58 Oh Father God
I have been blessed with a wonderful earthly dad. Pappa, thank you for teaching me the love of the Father. No greater love, no greater love.

Track 8 / 3:40 Tender Heart
In 2008, the Lord commissioned us to Ireland, and inspired by the old song "Danny Boy", I wrote "Tender heart", because at that time in my life, well, my heart felt a bit tender

Track 9 / 4:26 More of You, Less of Me
My friend, Amanda inspired this song. And in the early morning hours, after a night of feeling so condemned, because of a previous night's tantrum, I woke my friend up with the first verse of "More of You, less of me". The chorus I wrote because of my own tantrums :)

Track 10 / 5:09 Worship You For Ages
After the Lord gave me this song, I could not utter a single line of it, for at least four months after i wrote it. I couldn't sing through my tears of being so overwhelmed by the reality that I am living in the days of the Lord's return. It is my great pleasure to share with you the last song on this CD, Worship You for Ages.

“Let me in ...” by Ria van Rensburg

To Him so sits on the Throne, and unto the Lamb, be blessing and honor and glory and power forever. Lord, I lay my crowns down. I feel so incredibly blessed by the Lord, that He freely gave me these songs from His very Throne Room. I envision a delegation of Angels, assigned to write and compose songs, so we humans could bring proper honor to Gods’ Name. Though I know that it is impossible for any heavenly host to know the cleansing power and deliverance by the redemption of the Blood of Jesus Christ, they have seen the Face of God and know the grace we have through Jesus’ shed blood. Angels cannot sing “Amazing Grace” but we can. How sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. Grace taught my heart to fear God, and grace relieves me of my fears. No greater words were ever written in song. It is just like God to unroll the scroll of the hymn “Amazing Grace” to a man called John Henry Newton, a slave ship captain in the 1700’s. He knew what bondage meant, and thus knew the meaning of freedom. I too know the meaning of freedom and know it better today than the day I first gave my life to the Lord. I know freedom because I know intimacy with the Lord, and are pursuing its fullness day by day.
Through the songs on this CD, your Maker is inviting you to come into His presence where you will not only find healing, but freedom from bondage. God is standing at the door of your heart, asking, “Will you let me in?”. And this is your opportunity to boldly, without hesitation approach the Throne of Grace and say: “Lord, please let me in - to a deeper place with you”.
No religion, no religious ceremony, no theology or lethargy can ever reveal greater joy and peace, hope and deliverance, than just this one knowledge: intimacy with your Maker.
My prayer is that, as you listen to these songs, you would soak up His presence, find inner healing and come to a deeper understanding of this great grace, I find so amazing.
 Ria van Rensburg.